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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Librarian Here: First Challenge

Ahhh... the voice of reason. Finally.

As you can see, several of our volunteers have managed to shake a character (and some random letters) out of a book. I'm not sure how it happened; I just know that now the library has to fix it.

So I am asking you to help us by sending us ideas on how to get a character back into his book. Please draw a picture of what you think is the best way to get a character back into his book and bring it in to the library. And FYI, before you all rush to suggest reading him back into the book, I already tried it. I'm a librarian, remember? I read Inkheart too. And I hate to break it to you, but reading characters back into books only happens in ...well, books.

So this picture, it can be a stick figure diagram, or a drawing of a machine you invented, a flip book to show the steps you need to take, or any other way you can imagine (and draw!) to get a character back in a book.

When you're finished, take your drawing to any Carroll County Public Library branch & you'll get some library bucks & other stuff. And if you haven't signed up for the Summer Reading program, then it's a good time to do that too.

Oh, and if you sign the library's Consent to Use form, then I can post your artwork to this blog. Kyra, Alyson, Kitty and Caroline will vote on the best drawing/ides and we will award the top 3 artists with library bucks!! Awards will be $40 - 1st place, $30 - 2nd place, and $20 - 3rd place!!

p.s. If you've read this far (all 5 posts), you've read at least 20 minutes, maybe more. You can count that on your Summer Reading gameboard!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Caroline: OMG

OMG OMG OMG (deep breathing). Alyson can make fun of me as much as she wants, but I think Kitty and I are the only ones acting normally. I mean, what would you do if some guy fell out of your book? We don't even know the title! It's not physically possible! Yes, I realize I'm using too many explanation points!!!! I just want him back where ever he came from....... any ideas?


Kyra: Insert better title later

My friends and I are in waaay over heads... This guy is our responsibility and we have no idea what to do with him! Kitty was going to take him to her house, but her parents really wouldn't have let her bring a complete stranger home. Caroline decided to leave him in the library and feed him vending machine food, but he is getting REALLY grumpy...

Well, what would you do if your friend (Kitty) shook a random guy out of an old dusty book? Alyson wanted to ditch Kitty completely and just forget about the whole thing, but I told her we needed to stick together. After all, we are her friends. Well, at least this summer isn't going to be boring...

~Kyra ^_^

Alyson: Kitty's annoying freak out

Whatever Kitty told you about all of us freaking out, she was only right about her and the others. I think that the guy that fell out of the book is the start of an amazing adventure.

The really big question is where did he come from? Yeah, I know, he fell out of the book, I was kinda there remember? But still, I'm really curious, the book's title was so worn and dirty that you couldn't read it...

Another big question, how do we get him back in? Maybe we could drop him into it because he fell out of it? I really don't know. Oo! Maybe we could press him into it! We can try that later, but for now, we can just try to figure out what to do with him... Any ideas on what to feed him?? We tried pizza and soup and stuff like that, but he doesn't look like he likes it...

Well, I'll see what the girls think we should do. Draw up some ideas then take them to your nearby library; they Librarians are helping us get him back into the book.

I'll post more later, ta ta for now, Alyson


I'm not going to sugarcoat this or anything, but I'm TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. We all are. I mean, what would you do if you just saw something fall out of the sky? Or, in this case, a book? We're all in chicken-with-the-head-cut-off mode, just a little less bloody.

We're also really confused. Who the heck is this guy? Why is he here? Why did he fall out of a freaking book?

By the way, I'm Kitty. In the video, I'm the person screaming in the background. I also found the book. Introductions are important and all, but the only question I'm thinking about right now is what do we do next?

<3 Kitty