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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alyson: Kitty's annoying freak out

Whatever Kitty told you about all of us freaking out, she was only right about her and the others. I think that the guy that fell out of the book is the start of an amazing adventure.

The really big question is where did he come from? Yeah, I know, he fell out of the book, I was kinda there remember? But still, I'm really curious, the book's title was so worn and dirty that you couldn't read it...

Another big question, how do we get him back in? Maybe we could drop him into it because he fell out of it? I really don't know. Oo! Maybe we could press him into it! We can try that later, but for now, we can just try to figure out what to do with him... Any ideas on what to feed him?? We tried pizza and soup and stuff like that, but he doesn't look like he likes it...

Well, I'll see what the girls think we should do. Draw up some ideas then take them to your nearby library; they Librarians are helping us get him back into the book.

I'll post more later, ta ta for now, Alyson


  1. This seriously happened??? Nice, I'd be freaking out, too :)

  2. yep! do you feel a bit sorry for me?

  3. LOL!!! U rock, anonymous!!!
    <3 Kitty


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