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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kyra: Insert better title later

My friends and I are in waaay over heads... This guy is our responsibility and we have no idea what to do with him! Kitty was going to take him to her house, but her parents really wouldn't have let her bring a complete stranger home. Caroline decided to leave him in the library and feed him vending machine food, but he is getting REALLY grumpy...

Well, what would you do if your friend (Kitty) shook a random guy out of an old dusty book? Alyson wanted to ditch Kitty completely and just forget about the whole thing, but I told her we needed to stick together. After all, we are her friends. Well, at least this summer isn't going to be boring...

~Kyra ^_^


  1. No one comented on my post.... :(

  2. So sorry Kyra, maybe our Mystery Guest is grumpy because he's wearing that suit all the time! I'll get him awesome pj's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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