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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Librarian Here: First Challenge

Ahhh... the voice of reason. Finally.

As you can see, several of our volunteers have managed to shake a character (and some random letters) out of a book. I'm not sure how it happened; I just know that now the library has to fix it.

So I am asking you to help us by sending us ideas on how to get a character back into his book. Please draw a picture of what you think is the best way to get a character back into his book and bring it in to the library. And FYI, before you all rush to suggest reading him back into the book, I already tried it. I'm a librarian, remember? I read Inkheart too. And I hate to break it to you, but reading characters back into books only happens in ...well, books.

So this picture, it can be a stick figure diagram, or a drawing of a machine you invented, a flip book to show the steps you need to take, or any other way you can imagine (and draw!) to get a character back in a book.

When you're finished, take your drawing to any Carroll County Public Library branch & you'll get some library bucks & other stuff. And if you haven't signed up for the Summer Reading program, then it's a good time to do that too.

Oh, and if you sign the library's Consent to Use form, then I can post your artwork to this blog. Kyra, Alyson, Kitty and Caroline will vote on the best drawing/ides and we will award the top 3 artists with library bucks!! Awards will be $40 - 1st place, $30 - 2nd place, and $20 - 3rd place!!

p.s. If you've read this far (all 5 posts), you've read at least 20 minutes, maybe more. You can count that on your Summer Reading gameboard!

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