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Friday, June 18, 2010

Librarian: Challenge #2

As you saw in Alyson's video, our Mystery Guest is becoming rather destructive. He's ripped some pages out of various books and I, for one, would like to get those pages back in their books. So here's what I can gather from the pages:

This book is not about Humpty Dumpty but the main character did have a great fall. Fortunately for him, he had a doctor instead of the King's horses and men trying to put him back together. The character knows his way around London, both the side that everybody sees and its newly constructed underbelly.

Wouldn't it figure that our Mystery Guest ripped out pages from a book with a mystery character in it?

Does anyone know to which book these pages belong? Please email me. The FIRST person to respond in an email with the book title and author wins a pack of Silly Bandz. Second and third place winners will win Library Bucks ($20 for 2nd place, $10 for 3rd place).


  1. Just in case the email link doesn't work, here is the email address: finksburglibrary@gmail.com OR you can write your answer on a piece of paper and turn it in at your nearest Carroll County Public Library branch!

  2. OK, the Mystery Guest has confirmed that it is NOT the short story "The Final Problem" from The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. However, he did let slip that it is in fact set in Victorian England.


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