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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Librarian: What to Try Next?

I have received some great suggestions on how to try to get the Mystery Guest back into his book. You probably know about the Operation Anvil suggestion. But since Kitty no longer has access to an anvil, we're going to have to let that idea go.

Alyson tried to catch the Mystery Guest over the weekend but I'll let her tell you what happened.

So here are some other ideas that you've suggested:


Rearrange the letters that fell out of the book to form a word. That word will activate either the book or the character. If it's the book, then the book will glow & suck the man into it. Or if it activates the character, he will start to disappear back into his book.

Thank you Matt T!

Spray the character with Transporter Spray and spray the book. He will then be transported back into the book.
Thank you Tom S!

What do you think we should try next?

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  1. awesome ideas!
    Matt T, we'll try the letters sometime, maybe you could take some guesses and send them in to help!
    Tom S, totally awesome! But I don't think we can trust Kitty with Transporter Spray..... Just for the safety of the library and the people in it (ME!!!!!!!)


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