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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


If you are looking to earn more Library Bucks and are a writer or film maker, do not forget to enter the Carroll County Public Library Summer Shorts contest. The last date to accept entries is July 31st, so you will have to work fast! But you get $50 Library Bucks for submitting an entry and if you win, then you get real bucks as prizes! It's a win-win!

We now return to our regularly scheduled alternate reality game.

p.s. I had to go through the hassle of changing my password to the blog. Apparently the one I was using didn't work... hmmm... maybe the girls were right. Our Mystery Guest is trying to hack the blog.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kyra- Hello From Camp

I have absolutely no idea what is going on right now (what else is new?), but I do know like five new campfire songs! My leader person- ish thingy really dislikes me and I don't know why. Well, I did accidentally barf all over her after eating waaay too many smores but besides that I haven't done anything to upset her. Well I hope everything is going all right, and if Caroline is reading this, where the heck are you?!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Alyson: Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver

But Silent creepy guys in suits are frightening...

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, "The Dude" (yeah, I'm conforming :P ) is starting to freak me out with the whole "Don't speak even if you're spoken to" attitude... He's getting pretty weird whenever we get on the blog to post stuff. It's almost like he's trying to figure out what the password is.... I'm starting to think that The Dude really did do something to Caroline.

Maybe it's time that we start putting up boundaries or something.... Kitty seems to scare him a lot so maybe she should do some guard duty whenever we go to login to the blog... Knowing Kitty she'll be pretty gung ho about it.

Anyway, back to Caroline. Maybe she figured it out, who knows, she always has the best ideas for science fair projects... I have no idea what happened to her but sure as books have spines I'm gonna figure out where Caroline went!

SLFN, Alyson!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Librarian: Random Origami Challenge

While the other 4 challenges up until now have included some clue or hint about our Mystery Guest (aka the Dude), this one is just because it's the middle of summer and we're a bit bored :) The Mystery Guest seems to be in hiding, Caroline has disappeared and Kyra is at camp. That leaves me with just Kitty and Alyson and Kitty scares even me!

Besides why not give everyone an opportunity to earn more Library Bucks?

This idea came to me because the Finksburg Library currently has an awesome display of origami in the lobby area:
And as you have probably seen, the volunteers (the ones trying to put the Mystery Guest back in his book) also love origami and have always folded the Summer Reading game invites into simple origami shapes:

The hat is for this year's game The Mystery Guest and the boat was for last year's game Find Chesia. And yes, we folded every single one. It took a really long time... and the girls are extremely chatty. So it seemed to take forever in my opinion! But now is your chance to get in on the fun!

So here is Challenge #5:
Fold any origami shape that you want and bring it in to your Carroll County Public Library branch and get Library Bucks for it. It's that simple!

How many Library Bucks? Well that's where it gets a little complicated. Here's the system that we have devised. We picked 4 different origami books that the library owns and created 4 options for you to earn Library Bucks.

If you want to earn:
$10 Library Bucks = pick an origami shape out of Easy Origami by Mary Meinking
$20 Library Bucks = Not Quite So Easy Origami by Mary Meinking
$30 Library Bucks = Sort-of-Difficult Origami by Chris Alexander
$40 Library Bucks = Difficult Origami by Chris Alexander

Three rules:

  1. You only get to turn in one shape. So make it a good one.

  2. It has to be folded by you.

  3. If you want to fold something else (not in the books listed above), than count how many times you have to fold the paper to create the shape. We will pay you according to this number. (Here's a hint: the more folds it has, the more Library Bucks it is worth.)
And yes, we know the books listed above are in the children's section (at call no. 736.982 in the children's nonfiction section to be exact) but the titles cracked us up! Not Quite So Easy and Sort-of-Difficult ... heehee :) Have fun with this one!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kitty: Dude Isn't as Innocent as We Think

This guy is good. This guy is really, really good.  He's hiding from us, but because he's afraid or because he needs to be alone for his dastardly plotting? And does this seemingly random destruction of library books have a pattern? If it does, is it important or just Dude taunting us?  And what is up with Caroline? I think Kyra is right, she was on to him so Dude took her out of the picture.

Nothing seems to be working. And, if we're to believe the last message Dude left us, "time is running out." So what can we do to stop it?

Ominously yours,
<3 Kitty

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Librarian: Winner for Challenge #2

Congratulations to Katie! She guessed Challenge #2 correctly.

To refresh your memory, here's the clue for Challenge #2:
This book is not about Humpty Dumpty but the main character did have a great fall. Fortunately for him, he had a doctor instead of the King's horses and men trying to put him back together. The character knows his way around London, both the side that everybody sees and its newly constructed underbelly.

So the correct answer to this is (drum roll, please!):
Character: Montmorency
Book Title: Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman
Author: Eleanor Updale

Way to go Katie!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Librarian: Challenge #4

So here's the next challenge:

Use the letters from the sentence TIME IS RUNNING OUT and rearrange them. What else can it spell? Try to use as many letters as possible. Post to the comment section and I'll pick a couple of random winners for prizes! (If you are commenting using the "anonymous" post option be sure to include your first name and/or your initials. Thanks!)

Your Suggestion! Rearranging the Letters

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kyra- My Attempt at a Dramatic Blog Post

Caroline. Did she have good reason to fear "The Dude"???  Did she know something we don't??? Do you think I am making this post sound dramatic by using three question marks??? But seriously, I've got this theory....

I think "The Dude" abducted Caroline. No one knows where she is, and when we tried to call her house her mom just said that she wasn't home. It sounds suspicious.... Alyson doesn't believe "The Dude" has anything to do with Caroline's strange disappearance but maybe if she knew some way to get him back into the book and he didn't want to go (even though he looks pretty miserable here). If she posed a big enough threat to him maybe he just decided to get her out of the way for a little while.... or PERMANENTLY!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Librarian: Challenge #3

No one has guessed Challenge #2 correctly!?! Here's a big clue for that one: the book that the Mystery Guest (or as Kitty calls him "the Dude") ripped the character out of was on display at the library. The display was for the 2010 Recommended Reading books for Middle School. Anyone have a guess now? Email me.

So here is Challenge #3:
This missing character grew up in a strange place and learned things no normal kid knows. His friends and family may be scary to us, but he's safer withthem than anywhere beyond the walls of his home. Someone in the his book is still looking for him, so if you see him, tell him Jack called.

Please email me with the answers. Silly bandz for the first person to answer it correctly. I'm looking for both title and author, and if you know the character name, I'll throw in an extra $10 Library Bucks!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kitty: Hereafter the Mystery Guest Will Be Called the Dude

I wonder where Caroline is? I haven't seen her in forever.... I wonder if something happened. Maybe I should go try to find her. I bet she's fine, though. She's tougher than she looks. Don't ask me how I know. I still have no idea what's up with her,though, she's so scared of the Dude.

It's probably his clothes. They stink.

<3 Kitty

Alyson: Caroline found the end of the Earth?

I have no idea where Caroline has dissapeared to. She responded to an email but we haven't seen her at the library... I asked Kitty if she "accidently" hit Caroline in the head with the anvil... She denies everything (of course)

Kyra thinks that Caroline is just ducking out of her responsibilities with our Mystery Guest. I think that she (Caroline) is just super afraid of him.

Maybe our Guest found out that she was really phobic about him and decided to freak her out so that we'd have one less great mind on our side. Or she got sick.

I think that our Guest is bouncing from Library Branch to Library Branch. It's getting harder and harder to find him, Kitty wants to put a GPS locator on his jacket but nobody will give her one (thank goodness!!) Fingers crossed that we can find our Mystery Guest and Caroline!!

TTFN, Alyson! (@)--}----

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kyra- Man Goes Psycho

I am scared.... Mystery man is getting more and more crazy, and less sane (he's still not as scary as Kitty....). Yesterday when Alyson tried feeding him he said it wasn't time yet. Of course, she flipped (she has been in a bad mood ever since.... well she has been in a bad mood) and then told him that it was dinner time. He looked so confused, and later that day I caught him staring at a clock. Evertime it ticked his head would twitch! Weird, right?? Well, I gotta go now, bye!! :)

~ Kyra

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kitty: Evil, EEEEVIL Thoughts

Wow. I'm starting to really not like this guy. And you don't want to be a person I really don't like.

Trust me.

He's becoming destructive! And I LOVE destruction! As long as it's ME doing the destructing!!!! AND IT'S NOT ME!!!!
I'm getting separation anxiety from my destruction.

And he had this really weird sleep talking thing... he was like,
"ABTDEFGHIJKLMNOTQRSTUTWXYT" He did it six times. I was counting.

<3 Kitty