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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alyson: Caroline found the end of the Earth?

I have no idea where Caroline has dissapeared to. She responded to an email but we haven't seen her at the library... I asked Kitty if she "accidently" hit Caroline in the head with the anvil... She denies everything (of course)

Kyra thinks that Caroline is just ducking out of her responsibilities with our Mystery Guest. I think that she (Caroline) is just super afraid of him.

Maybe our Guest found out that she was really phobic about him and decided to freak her out so that we'd have one less great mind on our side. Or she got sick.

I think that our Guest is bouncing from Library Branch to Library Branch. It's getting harder and harder to find him, Kitty wants to put a GPS locator on his jacket but nobody will give her one (thank goodness!!) Fingers crossed that we can find our Mystery Guest and Caroline!!

TTFN, Alyson! (@)--}----

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  1. He's been seen at both the Mount Airy Library and the Taneytown Library! Wouldn't it be cool if the library branches were connected like the rooms on a Clue gameboard?


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