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Friday, July 9, 2010

Kyra- My Attempt at a Dramatic Blog Post

Caroline. Did she have good reason to fear "The Dude"???  Did she know something we don't??? Do you think I am making this post sound dramatic by using three question marks??? But seriously, I've got this theory....

I think "The Dude" abducted Caroline. No one knows where she is, and when we tried to call her house her mom just said that she wasn't home. It sounds suspicious.... Alyson doesn't believe "The Dude" has anything to do with Caroline's strange disappearance but maybe if she knew some way to get him back into the book and he didn't want to go (even though he looks pretty miserable here). If she posed a big enough threat to him maybe he just decided to get her out of the way for a little while.... or PERMANENTLY!!!

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