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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Librarian: Challenge #3

No one has guessed Challenge #2 correctly!?! Here's a big clue for that one: the book that the Mystery Guest (or as Kitty calls him "the Dude") ripped the character out of was on display at the library. The display was for the 2010 Recommended Reading books for Middle School. Anyone have a guess now? Email me.

So here is Challenge #3:
This missing character grew up in a strange place and learned things no normal kid knows. His friends and family may be scary to us, but he's safer withthem than anywhere beyond the walls of his home. Someone in the his book is still looking for him, so if you see him, tell him Jack called.

Please email me with the answers. Silly bandz for the first person to answer it correctly. I'm looking for both title and author, and if you know the character name, I'll throw in an extra $10 Library Bucks!

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  1. OK, so it was called to my attention that there were 2 Challenge #2s (or whatever the plural of that would be). SO I have gone back and corrected the posts ... I think. And I apologize for any confusion! Bad librarian. No cookie for me.


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