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Friday, July 16, 2010

Librarian: Random Origami Challenge

While the other 4 challenges up until now have included some clue or hint about our Mystery Guest (aka the Dude), this one is just because it's the middle of summer and we're a bit bored :) The Mystery Guest seems to be in hiding, Caroline has disappeared and Kyra is at camp. That leaves me with just Kitty and Alyson and Kitty scares even me!

Besides why not give everyone an opportunity to earn more Library Bucks?

This idea came to me because the Finksburg Library currently has an awesome display of origami in the lobby area:
And as you have probably seen, the volunteers (the ones trying to put the Mystery Guest back in his book) also love origami and have always folded the Summer Reading game invites into simple origami shapes:

The hat is for this year's game The Mystery Guest and the boat was for last year's game Find Chesia. And yes, we folded every single one. It took a really long time... and the girls are extremely chatty. So it seemed to take forever in my opinion! But now is your chance to get in on the fun!

So here is Challenge #5:
Fold any origami shape that you want and bring it in to your Carroll County Public Library branch and get Library Bucks for it. It's that simple!

How many Library Bucks? Well that's where it gets a little complicated. Here's the system that we have devised. We picked 4 different origami books that the library owns and created 4 options for you to earn Library Bucks.

If you want to earn:
$10 Library Bucks = pick an origami shape out of Easy Origami by Mary Meinking
$20 Library Bucks = Not Quite So Easy Origami by Mary Meinking
$30 Library Bucks = Sort-of-Difficult Origami by Chris Alexander
$40 Library Bucks = Difficult Origami by Chris Alexander

Three rules:

  1. You only get to turn in one shape. So make it a good one.

  2. It has to be folded by you.

  3. If you want to fold something else (not in the books listed above), than count how many times you have to fold the paper to create the shape. We will pay you according to this number. (Here's a hint: the more folds it has, the more Library Bucks it is worth.)
And yes, we know the books listed above are in the children's section (at call no. 736.982 in the children's nonfiction section to be exact) but the titles cracked us up! Not Quite So Easy and Sort-of-Difficult ... heehee :) Have fun with this one!

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