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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Librarian: The Grande Finale Challenge a.k.a. the $100 Library Buck Challenge

Throughout the game, we have been dropping clues about the Mystery Guest. I can't tell you what the clues are specifically, but here are some things to think about:

The logo for the Mystery Guest game...

Kyra mentions his old fashioned clothes here.

Alyson drops a few hints when she tries to capture the Mystery Guest in a box trap.

Challenge #2 was important. And while something about the book is important, it is not necessarily the title, author or character.

Oh, and I dropped a clue in my Clues, Clues, and More Clues post.

And lastly, Caroline is on the hunt for a specific hat. That's a big clue!

When you think you have the name of our Mystery Guest, email me for a chance to win $100 Library Bucks. And if you give me the author and title too, I'll throw in some extra prizes too!

REMEMBER: You only get ONE chance to guess! So make sure you consider all the clues carefully!


  1. From Matt T. (wow! I post alot of comments!)

    I have a question. Is the letter attached to the compass on the logo an M? And if so, does that M stand for Montmorency?

  2. Sorry Matt, I can't answer either question directly. But I will remind you that I mentioned in the post that while the book for Challenge 2 is a clue, it is not necessarily the title, author or character that is important!


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